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Human Being Creating Visual Snacks

...or just an average Joe doing the backstroke down the river of life

The Chinese symbols for art, I am told,

combine EYE, HAND, and HEART.

This is the way that I create.

I photograph scenes and objects that pique

my imagination... The EYE

Then I alter and combine these images... The HAND

Creating an image I feel takes on life force of its own, an expression, a mood... The HEART.

Much of my imagery is inspired by my walks in wild places and the work of many painters including Georgia O’keeffe, Rene Magritte and Salvador Dali.

I often pose still life, together with landscape, in an unlikely combination.

These images are composed, from driftwood, dried seaweed, shells, bark, roots, seed pods, clouded sky and birds in flight, overlaid with the beauty of flowers that I have found growing wild or in my friend’s and neighbor’s yards.

I visualize life, rising out of earth and sea, a blooming flower rising up, with vivid color announcing its unique spirit, as the bloom unfolds.

Bruce Burr has been producing quality photography for advertising, marketing and the music industry for over thirty five years.

Now through their Towns Burr Gallery in Burbank

Bruce and his wife Connie Towns Burr continue to help promote local artists.

His imagery is just around the corner, down the road and far over the horizon of reality.  ­-Larry B. Williams

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All photographs are available for purchase as fine art prints.

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